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SIMA Ballet Folklorico


Executive Director: Mrs. Silvia Parra

Mrs. Silvia Parra has been an icon representing Ballet Folklorico dancing throughout the whole Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Her Irving, Texas group of dancers have reached a high level of professionalism and have performed in many receptions, festivals, conventions, private parties, theaters, etc. and have been interviewed by local media many times. When Ms. Parra arrived in the United Stated of America in 2000 she had a dream, she had something important in mind: Reaching “The American Dream”.

 Mrs. Parra it a true leader and wanted to succeed in having her own dancing company, with a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and having the experience of being a principal of an elementary school in Mexico she knew the challenges she would be confronting. So in 2005, she decided to use her experience in dance and pedagogy and started SIMA (Siempre Ir Mas Alto)… (This Spanish acronym means, “Always going beyond higher”)

 EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT of Mrs. Silvia Parra.

 In 1988, Mrs. Parra obtained a Bachelors degree in Pedagogy at the University CEB 6/4 in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico. In 1991, Ms. Parra obtained a Bachelors degree in Elementary Basic Education at “Normal Rural Ricardo Flores Magon” In Saucillo, Chihuahua, Mexico. From 1995 to 2000 Ms. Parra becomes a teacher and later on a principal at Elementary school “8 de Julio” in Ejido La Esperanza, Municipio de Chihuahua, Mexico. Ms. Silvia Parra successfully completed the General Education development test obtaining her GED at North Lake College in Irving, Texas on August 18th, 2004. On April, 2005, she received a Certificate of Accomplishment, from International Leadership, A.C. and was recognized as a founder-partner in Dallas, TX.  On May, 2006, she received an outstanding recognition for volunteering at Lee Britain Elementary School.  On the summer of 2007, she took a leadership course through the Irving Citizens Police Department.  From 2007-2008-2009 she volunteered to assist the Irving Boys Scouts Troop 281. Ms. Silvia Parra is an eager, go-getter person and is a great leader to parents, students and teachers of her dance company SIMA Ballet Folklorico. She offers to the Irving community intensive training close to 60 aspiring students. The company is certainly an outstanding group. Through dancing and mentoring the students have earned an outstanding self-esteem. They learn everyday appreciation for the Mexican and USA cultures.



Artistic Director: Christopher Fierro

I was born in Dallas, Texas April 27th of the year 2000. I started school in Irving and then moved to the city of Desoto where I'm currently working my way through High School.

 My mother, Silvia Parra, started our dance group in the year 2005. I grew up with the beautiful traditions of the Mexican folk observing my mom and following her footsteps.

 I started dancing at the age of 5 and worked myself up ever since. I have taken many workshops such as:

•FLI 2010

•FLI 2011

•ANGF Corpus Christi, TX. 2012

•ANGF Las Vegas, NV.  2013

•ANGF Ontario, CA. 2015

•ANGF Las Vegas, NV. 2016

•Chihuahua Workshop Dallas, TX. 2015

•Tamaulipas Workshop Dallas, TX. 2016

 Being able to work with professors from Mexico has helped me become the professional dancer I am today such as:

-Miguel Angel Salazar

-Alfredo Santiago Luna

-Wilfrido Pool Ojeda

And many others...


I have also been invited to perform with several dance companies like aancbf, BF de Navarro, and Guadalupe Dance Company.

 I was given the opportunity to take over the dance group as the artistic director in January of 2015. My sister Estefanía, the assistant director, and I have worked hard to push all of our students to their maximum.

Hard work and dedication has lead to many accomplishments from S.I.M.A. BF. Growing to have over 100 students divided into different leveled groups has kept us flourishing in the dance world and allows us to provide our audience with astonishing performances.

I am very dedicated to what I do. Dance is my style of life and I'm very excited for what is to come in the future for S.I.M.A Ballet Folklorico.





Assistant Director: Estefania Fierro

I was born in Durango, Mexico January 4, 1998. In 1999 I migrated to

the United States of America with my mother, Silvia Parra, a house wife with a Mexican License to teach elementary kids and my father, Jorge Fierro, a strong and responsible hard working man.

In the United States I started my education in Irving, Texas with pre-kindergarten at Kinkeade Early Childhood School and after that attended Lee Britain Elementary School from my kindergarten year all the way to fourth grade. My family and I moved to DeSoto, Texas after that where I attended Amber Terrace elementary school to finish my fifth year of elementary. Throughout middle school I attended Christine S. McCowan middle school where I was recognized for my perfect attendance and high grades. Short after I attended Desoto high school where I graduated with a high school diploma June 2, 2016.


My dancing career started in 2003 when I was only five years old with Fama ballet Folklorico in Irving, Texas. By 2005 my mom decided to start her own dance group, SIMA Ballet Folklorico, where since then I have grown and become the professional dancer I am today.

I have also attended many dance workshop to assist me with my level of dancing like the FLI dance work shop summer 2011 in Dallas Tx, ANGF summer dance work shop in Corpus Christi Texas 2012, ANGF summer dance workshop in Las Vegas Nevada 2013, ANGF summer dance workshop in Albuquerque New Mexico 2014, ANGF summer dance workshop in Ontario California 2015, Vicky Barriga chihuahua dance workshop, and Maestro Jose's Tamaulipas workshops. I also attended ANGF summer dance workshop in Las Vegas Nevada 2016.


In January 2015, my brother and I took charge over SIMA Ballet Folklorico where with the support of my mom I have helped the group grow and increased the level of my students dancing making us capable of dancing at important events such as the cinco de mayo celebrations in Monroe, Louisiana.


My passion is to dance. It has helped me with my communication skills, my personality, and has led me to become the person I am today. I have met a lot of amazing and important people through dancing which could have never happened if I would have never been involved in something so amazing as my dance group.